User Acquisition

  • Very few new users downloading your app on a daily basis?
  • Only relying on paid user acquisition as new users stream?
  • Struggling with PRs? Not getting the desired outcome from this channel?
  • Cost per paid users way over the revenue generated by these users?
  • Paid user acquisition taking too much time and resources?
  • No in-app virality?
  • Your mobile app product is ready to get to the next level but you are not sure how to efficiently allocate resources?

Mobile apps user acquisition can get very expensive and drain on valuable resources. I can help you tackle this challenge, reduce cost and optimize your new users stream. Get in touch now.

User Engagement

  • Losing too many users during the very first session?
  • Measuring low in-app user engagement?
  • Too many users leaving the ship after just a few days?
  • Good ratings and reviews on the stores but users not coming back to your app?
  • Not getting enough user feedback?

Don't let your app be another icon on a screen. Drive your existing users to your app. Get in touch now.


  • Too much data, not enough insights?
  • Inaccurate data reports?
  • Measuring the total amount of downloads since launch? Amount of registered users? Amount of leads?

You could be on a very dangerous track. I can help you to collect accurate data and find out which should be your core KPIs. Get in touch now.