ASO - App Store Optimisation

ASO - App Store Optimisation

2 - What matters

App Name
App Icon
Video / App Preview
Short Description
What’s New
App Indexing
Alternative App Stores

3 - App name

Use Keywords in your App Name
Apple Constraint: 45 char. recommended (80 char. max) 
Google Constraint: 30 char. max

4 - App icon

Stand out from competition
Easily recognisable & simple
Use the (two) main colors of your app
No photos, avoid text
Trends: Gradients and negative spaces
AB test it! (FB Ads, Storemaven, Google Experiment)

6 - Screenshots

One of the most important asset to drive conversion (download) 
Most eye-catching screenshot first
Test, test, Test > Screenshots visuals, order, colours and contrast
Experiment screenshots frame on a single canvas. When app store visitors see only one piece of the “puzzle”, they are more likely to scroll further to see what’s missing
Tell a story
Show USP (Unique Selling Proposition) 
Short captions - Use big fonts
Check competition

10 - Video / App Preview

Use thumbnail carefully, displayed before any other screenshots
Measure: Less conversions but better conversions?
Tell a story
Stay within the app (Apple)
Show USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
Video experience usually leads to decrease in instant drop & instant install rates but increases exploration rate.

12 - Keywords

Search for phrases to rank for, long tail keywords
Investigate through users’ app stores reviews
Analyze keywords volume (Apptweak, App Annie, SensorTowerGoogle Keywords tool) - Find balance between search volume and amount of apps ranking for a keyword
100 characters field on iOS (Microsoft Word, http:// separate keywords with commas
Do not repeat company name or app title
Test plurals, consider misspellings
Test keywords after release

14 - Short description (Google Play)

Target: New Users
Place the most important keywords for ranking
Powerful straightforward short sentence to present the app to new users
Constraint : 80 characters - Try to use them all

15 - Description

The first 255 characters should be amazing. Write powerful first sentences about the vision and the purpose of the app. How is your app better than the other apps? Why should a user download your app?
iOS constraint: the first 3 lines are visible.
Google Play: the first 5-6 lines are visible. One Google Play line can hold up to 100 characters.
Google Play - The description is crawled and indexed. Repeat your most 10 important keywords 4 to 5 times within the app description. Plurals don’t matter.
You already rank for your app store category keywords and keywords which are contained in the app name.
You can also mention awards if they are known from most of users in your country
List your app main assets as bullet points
Use formatting
Add users’ testimonials or professional/blogs reviews
End your app description with “Follow us on social media + links” + community support email link

 19 - What's new

Constraint of 500 char. on Google Play - 4000 char. on iOS
Describe what’s new in your app, makes it exciting
Tell a story
“Bug fix” is not acceptable. Convey company mission/vision if nothing to say.

22 - Ranking

Rating & Reviews - Monitor ratings averages and volumes (Google Play, App Annie, Appbot)
Ask for it when appropriate and be clever on how and when you ask for it.
Downloads velocity
Inbound links
App usage
App updates frequency

25 - App indexing

Deep app content can now be indexed
Apple: Apple Search - Siri, Spotlight, Safari suggestion
Google: App Indexing

26 - Measure!


27 - Alternative App Stores

OEMs’ App Stores - Appslib, Aptoide, etc
App Preload Network - Moblin, App Attach
Rev. Share