Mobile Apps Marketing Slack Team

I have been looking for a Slack team to discuss mobile apps marketing for a while...  Since I could not find what I was looking for I suppose that a. It simply does not exist yet OR b. it is very badly referenced! So here I go!

If you are a mobile app marketer and that you are willing to exchange ideas, best practices, wins and fails in a private group... you are at the right place!

Topics to be discussed:

  • user acquisition (ASO, ad networks, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, virality, app store featurings, etc...)
  • user engagement (onboarding, push notifications, in-app messages, etc...)
  • mobile apps analytics (KPIs, retention, CLTV, analytics solutions providers, etc...)

I only need your professional email address to manually add you to this Slack team. Please allow 24 hours max for your request to be processed.